​Learning Mats filled with academic information, 

19 x 12.5, Laminated, Durable, Ready to use, Never outdated, Great for desk/table or posters.

​      Perfect for children between the ages of 8-16.

       * MESS-E Binder Inserts/Dividers will keep students organized.

​​​The MESS-E Learning Mats Story

Have you noticed that most students forget basic,  academic information that had been previously taught? Throughout my years of teaching middle school, I spent hours reteaching information before I could get to my planned lesson.  It was a challenge. After much research and a lot of prayer, I found a solution.  What you ask? An academic desk mat for student ages 8 to 16.  I created a class set of desk mats filled with basic, academic information and "Bam!", all of my students referenced their desk mats for forgotten information as I taught my planned lesson.   WOW!!.  I shared this idea with 3 colleagues (in different subject areas with the same problem) and MESS-E Learning Mats were born. MESS-E stands for MATH -ENGLISH -SCIENCE -SOCIAL STUDIES -EVERYTHING ELSE. Read what one of my students had to say... 

STUDENT STORY-  When I first sat down at my desk in Ms. Fuller's classroom, there were mats on each desk.  All the mats had information for English/ Language Arts like figurative language and grammar.  She told us the purpose of the mats and that we could use them whenever we needed to.  I used mine almost everyday. I called it my "Friend".  Near the end of the year, she collected them and we took our State reading test.  I passed the test and my score was 24 points better than it was the year before.  I know that my "Friend", MESS-E Mat, helped me have a successful  school year. S.H   PARENT STORY-I have all four (4) mats on the kitchen table. My kids use them for homework and we make up learning games at dinner time.  A.E.                                                              

​   Who Are They For?

  • General Student Population(Upper Elementary, Middle School,  High School  )
  • Reluctant Learners/Struggling Students
  • Exceptional Needs Students
  • ESL Students (English Second Language)
  • ​Academically Gifted ( Elementary)
  • Home-Schooled Students
  • Personal Use ​( Children and Adults)
  • ​GED Programs


  How Are They Used?

  • Whole Class Instruction
  • Guided Group Instruction
  • Independent Classwork
  • Learning Centers
  • Homework Assistance
  • Tutorial Programs
  • ​Test Preparation
  • Home and School Quick Reference
  • Educational ​Placemats for tables

Mathematics                       English           

Science                            Social Studies  

It is the commitment of MESS-E Mats LLC to give 10% of all proceeds to various charitable organizations. 


*Each mat has at least 10 "Must Know" academic concepts. 

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*4-pack of binder Inserts only $7.00

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​​"Our mission is to help every child achieve academic success in the classroom and at home."                                                BCJN