“This is what students ask every day,” Boyd-Kearsey said.

Each teacher developed the content for the mat in his or her subject area, and the four worked together and with local independent designers to prepare the final design of the educational desk mats.

The mats were printed in October, and the teachers started MESS-E, LLC, the following month.

The four business partners said that they have used the educational desk mats in their classes. Taylor-Fuller noted that the Parent Teacher Association at WCMS purchased 10 mats for each of the school’s classrooms with plans for all classes at the middle school to use MESS-E Mats beginning this month.

She said that the business will donate some science mats to other Warren County public schools, and that some math and science mats will be supplied to students in Africa and the Philippines to promote STEM, or science, technology, engineering and mathematics, education.

The teachers described the mats as beneficial for assisting parents in helping their children with homework, as well as the office setting.

The teachers expressed appreciation to WCMS teachers and Principal Joyce Mahomes, and Warren County Schools for their support in  developing MESS-E Mats. In the future, the educators hope to develop educational desk mats for the subjects of Spanish, art, computer science and music.
MESS-E Mats are available. For more information, visit the website , Amazon or call 252-204-6374.

Picture courtesy of Henderson Daily Dispatch.

MESS-E (Math-English-Science-Social Studies-Everything Else) Mats are desk/table mats that are used by students to reference academic information quickly while instruction is moving forward in the classroom. This academic and emotional security will allow  students to view themselves as capable learners and teachers can move on with instruction. The mats are divided into sections that students will view as manageable and easy to understand.  Imagine walking into a classroom where there is a mat on every desk. Learning starts immediately because the classroom environment is set for success. MESS-E Learning Mats are great learning tools for students to use at home on the kitchen table or in their homework space.

We are all MESS-E students, parents and/or teachers. We want  every learner to master the foundational knowledge that they need in order to succeed.  Please join us  in changing the environment of frustration into an environment of success, one mat at a time.

What is EVERYTHING ELSE for MESS-E LLC?  We are currently formulating learning mats for lower elementary students and high school students.  Our subject focus includes Computer skills, Spanish, World History, Art, Environmental science, and Biblical reference mats.


 The Warren Record: Serving Warren County since 1896

 Posted: Wednesday, January 7, 2015 10:36 am 
 Updated: 10:39 am, Wed Jan 7, 2015.
 By Luci Weldon

When four Warren County Middle School teachers found that their students needed to review basic information in the subjects they taught,       they joined forces to develop what they call MESS-E Mats.

That name might bring to mind thoughts of a messy school project, but it refers to educational mats for math, English language arts, science,  social studies and everything else that the teachers might want to develop a mat for in the future.

The idea for the educational mats came about last February after English language arts teacher Jan Taylor-Fuller found out that students needed    to review their basic grammar to be able to do their eighth-grade language arts work. She prayed and developed the idea for a desk mat to help students review the basic information about the subject.

Taylor-Fuller discussed her idea with fellow WCMS educators social studies/exceptional children’s teacher Nikeena Boyd-Kearsey, math teacher Brian Kaprive and science teacher Cicelia Aguilar, who said that their students were having similar problems remembering basic information that forms the backbone of what they will be learning at the middle school level.

Kaprive said that he has been teaching linear equations in his math classes, and students should be focusing on variables and equations. Instead, however, he found himself going over multiplication with his students.

The teachers talked together about developing educational desk mats and decided that it would be best to develop separate mats to cover four    basic subjects - English/language arts, social studies, math and science. Information included on the desk mats would include such things as the periodic table of elements for science, parts of speech for English/language arts and multiplication tables for math.


 Math-English-Science- Social studies-Everything Else

We are Cecilia (Science) , Brian (Math), Nikeena (Social Studies)  and Jan (English/LA). We are middle school teachers who have been working in an economically challenged county in rural America for more than 60 years (collectively).   Our mission is to change the environment of academic frustration at home and in the classroom into environments of academic success for all students.

When standardized test became the life and breath of a student's academic success and the very livelihood of a teacher, we spent a lot of time working until midnight and praying for help.  A MESS-E Mat was one of the ideas we were Blessed with.