Memorizing all the facts does not make one a scientist. Knowing how to apply the facts and knowledge gained in the classroom makes you one. 

As a teacher, I do believe that the basis for learning does not only involve memorizing scientific fact. Students should be able to interpret, analyze and apply the facts as a measurement of real learning. A child however may struggle to know and apply all the facts that is needed in the lesson. Thus, I always give handouts to my students to guide them. This mat will make all the facts available at their fingertips making it easier for them to solve real-life problems, adapt to situations for multiple approaches and make learning more fun for everyone!

This Science Mat will provide the following information:

  • Periodic Table of Elements
  • Geologic Time Scale
  • Food Chain and Food Web
  • Properties of Matter
  • ​Water Cycle
  • States of Matter
  • ​Atoms and Its Parts
  • Sources of Energy
  • ​etc.